River Tables, Resin River Tables and Resin Tables

We started making River Tables because we couldn’t find a coffee table that we really wanted in our home. Everything seemed so boring. We absolutely love wood and wanted something that could really show off the beautiful grain of the wood and the outer live edge of the wood. But more importantly we wanted something that would be different, interesting and unique. 

We then discovered river tables – and fell in love! 

By combining epoxy resin with wood we are given the ability to use all sorts of wood that traditional furniture makers would reject because it is full of cracks and holes. We call these ‘features’ and ‘character’ and love the way that resin helps preserve the story of the tree ‘warts and all’ and helps create a unique piece of furniture that shows it’s full history.

When making a river table a slab of wood is cut down the middle and the ‘live edge’, the outer characterful edges of the tree, are then placed in the middle. This ‘valley’ is then filled with epoxy resin. The resin can be clear, blue, or any colour you wish. The finished river table should look as though a river is flowing through a valley. If the wood has a lot of character some river tables also have lakes and ponds in them too!

It is possible on some of our smaller river coffee tables to finish them on both sides to exhibition standard. This enables you to turn the table over should you get bored of one side and show the second side. It’s like having two tables in one!

We can make these unique bespoke tables to any size: stools, side tables, hall tables, kitchen tables all the way up to conference tables and banqueting tables. Yes we love a challenge!

If you would like us to make you your own river table, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us with us either by calling 01403 586022 or email us info@ravenriverdesigns.com