We are a family business that has evolved out of the desire to create beautiful things. Having grown up around sailing boats where wood and resin are common combinations, it made sense to take this one step further, fusing the two to make beautiful bespoke furniture. A ‘can do’ attitude, a very steep learning curve and a rationalisation of our processes enable us to consistently achieve results of an exceptionally high standard.

We are willing to experiment with new designs, techniques, materials, colours and ideas to bring you bespoke furniture that you will love forever. Set on the edge of St Leonards Forest, in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we are surrounded by magnificent trees and woods that inspire our work.

In his memoir, Soul of a Tree, George Nakashima (American architect and furniture maker) draws reference to an English Oak. He states that “many nations designate trees like this one as special natural monuments, but perhaps they should go further and call them ‘National Living Treasures’. These treasures should be cut with reverence when their life span has been fulfilled. Their aged beauty and great character must be preserved in objects built of their wood to provide a record of their heritage and history.”

At Raven River Designs we aspire to show the utmost beauty and character that each piece of wood has to offer. Always ensuring that you will own a stunningly unique piece of furniture. We also pride ourselves on sourcing wood from timber merchants who also follow these fundamentals.

Sunset Over Workshop